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Phlebotomy techniques and the process of
creating BC-PRP and PRF 

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Learn evidence-based science of blood concentrates for use in all surgical procedures.


This interactive presentation is designed for Dental Teams who want to improve clinical outcomes in their surgical practice. Participants will not only understand the uses of both liquid (Buffy-Coat PRP “BC-PRP”) and solid blood concentrates (Platelet Rich Plasma, “PRF”), but also learn detailed step-by-step techniques for preparing and applying the protocols during surgical procedures. The dental staff can take the lead on this technology and perform the processing steps, leaving the clinician to focus on the surgical procedure.


Courtyard Marriott

2000 N Commerce Pkwy

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33326


August 3-4th, 2024- Fort Luaderdale, FL

August 5-6th, 2023 - Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Course Fee:

$1500 for 2 day course (Before May 31st)

$1600 After May 31st



CE Credits:

16 credit hours

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement (6/1/2008) to (5/31/2022)

Course Outline

• How PRP and PRF accelerates healing and prevent complications such as dehiscence and surgical site infections.

• Prevent dry-socket after extraction, speed soft tissue healing and decrease post-operative infection.

• Understand the step-by-step process for formulating platelet concentrates in both liquid and solid forms.

• Understand how to use PRP and PRF to improve the handling of bone grafting materials.

• Learn an inexpensive, scientifically proven method to enhance patients’ hard and soft tissue healing using a simple centrifuge.

• Experience extensive hands-on practice performing phlebotomy techniques

• Understand the proper use of glucocorticosteroids to provide controlled post-operative inflammation.

• Understand how to administer glucocorticosteroids both orally and via intramuscular (IM) injection.


• Understand how to buffer local anesthesia to improve effectiveness in difficult-to-numb patients.

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