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Kathy Carlson CDA, FADIA

Co-creator of “The Implant Consortium” with over 35 years in dentistry and the last 22 years focused on implants, she has trained implant teams nationally as well as throughout the global dental community. Kathi is a credentialed international speaker offering both clinical and professional development programs that are always cutting-edge, engaging, informative and high energy!

Fellow and a founding Certified Educator of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries (ADIA).

Recipient of the ADIA’s Educator of the Year Award, 2008

Description of Course Presentation

Dental Team Implant Certification Program (DTICP)

Topics to include:

  • Introduction and definitions

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Patient Interaction

  • Implant Surgical Procedures

  • Prosthodontic Procedures

  • Maintenance and Evaluation Procedures

  • Marketing and Patient Education

Throughout the day we will identify the implant responsibility for each position within the dental practice. Working together as a cohesive team to provide this wonderful treatment modality to our patients is vital to the patient experience within our practices. This day will also include a lab and a question and answer session on setting up the surgical suite.

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