Our Comprehensive course features Guided Implant Surgery

 " Training Wheels for Implant Placement "


  With the advent of predictable, less complicated dental implant treatment and the demand for esthetic dental care on the rise, dental implants to replace missing teeth are becoming the preferred method of replacing teeth. The added advantage of implant treatment is the preservation of bone volume. At Implant Educators we train dentists to provide the highest level of dental implant treatment. We teach guided dental surgery which allows a dentist to place dental implants with the most precision of any current technique. This leads to fewer complications, faster treatment times and a more comfortable experience for the patient. Dentists in our course will be able to place implants on actual patients under our guidance. There is no substitute for this type of training. All aspects of dental implant treatment will be covered at our course including bone grafting, surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. We also focus on the proper diagnosis and treatment planning of simple to complex cases. Our comprehensive implant training course provides the foundation for dentists to provide current treatment modalities as well to adapt to future changes in dental implantology.



"I wanted to thank you for the excellent course you provided for us today. I do surgery daily and still brought home with me very important pearls to put into practice next Monday. The level of this course is what has kept me following IMPLANT EDUCATORS for years.
Juan Savelli DMD,MSD.

"Today I did my first sinus lift in my office!  Thank you Implant Educators (Dr. Rick & Dr. Arthur).  Without your guidance and the experience I would have never done this procedure in my office.  Implant Educators has truly expanded my dental horizon and I am thankful. Fully pneumatized sinus, lateral window procedure , lifted and filled ,  (2) implants placed at time of surgery will restore in 6 months.  Just like the masters taught us. Kudos and thank you."  Terry Zervos DDS, Dunedin, FL

"Thanks to taking your course, I have placed approximately 30-35 implants and I am enjoying the restorative options implants offer my patients." Dr. William J. Kinzler, DDS, MAGD, FICOI.  Seminole, FL 2011

"I picked this Implant course from the many that are available because of its published curriculum and the promise of it being comprehensive both academically and practically. From day one it has not failed to deliver everything promised and much more. For anyone intending on becoming more knowledgeable about the surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry and achieving the confidence to carry out either, or both, this course delivers. The directors have put together a great faculty and each is genuinely interested in empowering the attendees to learn and explore their abilities so they can provide better care for their patients. While I am very comfortable restoring implants, the course has given me the ability to identify the surgeries I can do and the confidence to actually carry them out, even before the course was finished. I am very happy I chose Implant Educators, I think it is of great value and would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to provide high quality implant care to their patients."
Dr. Jiten Master (Prosthodontist) Clearwater, FL 2012           Click Here for more Testimonials